Running is a simple and low cost maintenance exercise to improve physcial fitness . It  strengths heart  and helps weight loss throughout the body. Running helps to maintain body fat composition. Researchers found out that running can prevent heart disease, high blood pressure , obseity and certain cancers

Here are the facts and the tips the runners should know

Buying proper running shoes and attire is important

Good running shoes or proper running footwear is important in avoiding risk of injury such as ankle sprain, pulled muscles and blisters
Proper footwear help you jog longer. Ask the sales man in a store for the shoe measurement and gait analysis. Try at least 3-4 pairs and try to jog around the store.

Proper attire is vital and one should pay attention to the running wardrobe . For men they needs to look at proper shirts, shorts and for
women a good high impact sports Bra which helps regulate body heat. The high tech fabrics such as lycra helps to retain heat in winters and release it in hot weather.

Running helps in burning fats

Exercise burns fat during and after the workout. The good news is that after the exercise , the fat continues to burn. In order to loose
weight one should consider cutting calories through combination of diets and calories burning exercise.



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Running lowers the risk of certain cancer

Exercise reduces  and prevents cancer growth factors such as insulin. Exercise lowers blood estrogen and it helps to reduce women breast cancer.During chemotherapy the patients feels lethargic.Jogging exercise program can be prescribed as treatment for fatigue in cancer patients which also helps them with the normal daily activities.

Running make you happier

Any physcial exercise including running release endorphins in the brain. It is a natural drug that makes people energetic and happier.
Running also protects you against the stress, anxiety and depression.

Running with your Social Groups

Running is an individual sport but running with friends or with the social group helps in interacting with other. It also helps to exchange experience and learn from each other.


Run against the traffic is important for the drivers to spot you. Try to stay away from the main roads and jog in the innermost side of the pavement.
If you are listening to the music, keep the volume down so that you can hear thins around you.If you are running at night try to wear reflective clothes




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