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If you are finding difficult to visit Gym due to tiredness and fatigue but still interested to go to Gym, we have put some motivational ideas and tips to boost up your energy before the workout

Here are the top tips to increase your energy before the workout


It is the easy and the simplest way to give you a bit of energy before getting to Gym. Motivation can come from any where at any time by listening to a fast sound track or looking at the picture of your ideal personality. Listening to music during the workout can also help to relieve the tension. It is actually anything to provide you with theextra boost to push you to go for a workout.


Caffeine is a boost enhancer which provides instant boost before the workout. It is a temperory source of energy and found in coke, coffee and energy drink.Try to drink 2-3 cups before the workout as it increases endurance and delays tiredness which helps to exercise longer.

Cardio exercise after workout

Better option is to carried out cardio after the workout. In human bodies there are Glycogen stores which decreases with cardio exercise
which is an important component in weight lifting. Weight lifting doesn’t decrease Glycogen stores that is why there is room for cardio exercise


During workout the person sweats and loses water and body salt so it is important to prevent dehydration. Ensure to keep hydrated as dehydration can cause weakness and dizziness during the workout.


Usage of fruits is ideal snack before the workout. Different fruits have different vitamins and carbohydrate which helps the body for workout.
It is also important to deliver natural sugars like bananas and orange which is slow in digestion and continue to provide energy
during workout.



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