While many mothers have no problem producing enough breast milk for their babies, some find it difficult to produce enough or find that their milk flow is slowing down. While you could certainly supplement with formula, many mothers prefer to offer their child the added benefits of breastfeeding and want a different solution.

A natural, traditional herb that promotes breast milk flow
Mother’s Select Blessed Thistle provides a natural option in promoting lactation. Blessed Thistle is one of the most popular herbs women have turned to for increase in breast milk flow. Many women see a difference in milk supply within a few days of using this breastfeeding supplement, and have also experienced increased success when breast pumping in conjunction of using Blessed Thistle. The nursing supplement also had the added benefit of reducing:

✓ Indigestion
✓ Gas
✓ Upset stomach
✓ Occasional Constipation

Mother’s Select Blessed Thistle is a high-quality, all natural lactation supplement that contains NO wheat, dairy, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Our vegetarian capsules are made in the USA and produced in a GMP compliant facility, so you can take them with confidence. We stand behind the quality of our Blessed Thistle!

Combine with Mother’s Select Fenugreek for a knockout breast milk boosting combination.

So let’s get that milk flowing again. with Mother’s Select Blessed Thistle!


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